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Get started in a fulfilling nursing career today! Welcome to the Nursing School Directory, the leader in helping those who wish to become professional nurses, RNs and LPNs find a school that fits their needs and geographical location. We highlight and review all varieties of nursing schools by state, popularity and present the top rated nursing schools. We also provide guidance on how to select a school of nursing and how to pay for nursing school with loans, grants and aid.

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Nursing Schools

In the US, there are thousdands of licensed nursing schools, programs and training courses.

Where do I go to learn nursing?

There are thousands of nursing courses, and training programs available to the general public.

Before you choose a nursing school, spend a few minutes performing the proper research required to make an informed decision about your nursing school.

Nursing Schools by State

What should I consider when picking a nursing school?

You should consider the following...
  • investigate the specific area of study that interests you (i.e. RN, aide, LPN)
  • interview the graduates, as well as nurisng professionals
  • view nursing jobs available [ View Current Nursing Jobs ]
  • determined the time required to become a nurse
  • investigate the money required by the nursing school and options for paying for nurisng school

Top Ten Nursing Schools

Our site will assist you in finding the perfect nursing school for your career goals and budget.
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Nurse Skills Assessment

Do you have what it takes to be a nurse, RN, or LPN?
  • Do you have the people skills to work "hands-on" with people?
  • Do you have the physical stamina to perform multiple applications in a given work day?
If you answered Yes to the aobve questions, you have what it takes to become a succsssful Nurse or Nurse Practioner.


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